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Going to Paris

Oooh Paris...that sounds good...

Oooh Paris…that sounds good…

This is where the idea of an exhibition came into my head. What if I could go to the local high school with an art exhibition and talk through 4 or 5 of the most common difficulties that young teens deal with?

Show them how they tick and what helps when things are not working out? I would imagine some kind of  “Golden Hour”  where I can explain them -to themselves, tell them where to go when they’re not coping and how to stay safe.

I want to use the power of the artistic experience in all its senses, nuance and immediacy to get some good mental health survival stuff across. This is art that has to roll up its sleeves and do work, instead of being stationary in a gallery. Art that heals.

I like teens, especially naughty ones. They’re all over the place but they have this feistiness and freshness that is inspiring. What is important about this age group is it is the time of shearing off from their family and trying to manage things by themselves, emotions, anxiety, complex relationships…They are forming their identity and trying to figure out the sex thing. They usually do a pretty messy job -we all did.

I didn’t want to go into a high school unprepared or reckless, so I decided to build this exhibition and show it to a group of peers for constructive criticism.

Mmmmh, makes sense so far, the trouble is I don’t do things slowly, or by halves and the next big muster of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinicians is in Paris.

Oooooh, Paris, now that would be nice. So I sent a proposal for a 5 piece sculpture and textile exhibition for the foyer entitled  “Becoming…”  that told 5 emotional stories encountered by children in their process of  “Becoming …” adults. Next…