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Manga Boy

Manga Boys...a painful before and after.

Manga Boys…a painful before and after.

This exhibit explores the altering perception and thinking states of a young boy who is getting angry and losing it.

Manga Boy -Losing it

Manga Boy seeing red and losing it...

Manga Boy seeing red and losing it…

So many times I have to explore different emotional states with children…how did you feel, what did you think was going on? How did you feel after you lost it?

I am interested in the fragmenting effect of strong negative emotions. and how this influences how children interpret what is happening around them, often getting it wrong. This can be common with anxious children, traumatized children but also Autism Spectrum affected children. In each case the mechanism is a little different, but setting out the scenario for them visually can be useful in identifying with them which bit is misfiring and then finding more adaptive and less humiliating or destructive ways of dealing with it.

Manga Boy -Lost It

Lost it...with shame and regret.

Lost it…with shame and regret.

This is the shame, perplexity and disappointment after the storm of anger and aggression has passed. Everyone looks rejecting and hateful in one hundred different ways. This is the fodder of low self esteem, where every worst belief about oneself is confirmed. Setting out this scenario visually can be useful in helping children challenge some of the negative conclusions they draw about themselves.