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Tattoo Boy & Scared Baby

Scared baby and his 13 year old counterpart...

Scared baby and his 13 year old counterpart…

This exhibit explores the experience of domestic violence on children as they are growing up.


There is a scared 3 year old, clothed in nothing more than a grubby singlet, cowering from the noise and threat.

Cowering baby...

Cowering baby…

And then there is his 12 year old counterpart, adolescent – wearing street garb.

Tattoo Boy

Tattoo Boy

His hoodie states “Never Again” and everything about him speaks of menace and threat. He wears the iconography of tattoos and horror movies, but his own horror story has entered the narrative.



There is the terrifying face of an angry male and the defeated, bruised face of his mother. There are the confused messages about what it is to be a man, and what it is to love and be loved. We see, too, his revenge fantasy, where, as a defenseless child his only protection against over- whelming fear was his imagination. Alongside this is the crying, terrified baby.


The images are stitched onto silk, as a fragmented collage of who he is. There is no particular confluence to his narrative and not much has been metabolized. It is just there, as jagged and shocking shards.tattooboy3

tattooboy5He is there, ready to fight or run, antisocial, vigilant, but holding onto the hope of love, embodied in the roses scattered through his story. tattooboy4